About Field’s

Built in 1847, our beautiful building was originally known as the Magnolia Hotel. Which was thought to be the oldest surviving hotel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Field Nicaud, owner and creator of Field’s Steak & Oyster Bar, and his brother Jourdan Nicaud purchased, saved, and restored this historic building and created one of the only family-owned steak and oyster restaurants of its size on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

We pride ourselves on keeping the building’s history alive by incorporating original signage and creatively naming cocktail and menu items based on Biloxi’s history. Over the years, we have become most famously known for our Field’s Method Steaks and are also the only restaurant in South Mississippi to cook our oysters chargrilled separately in respect of the traditional recipes.  

We make a Biloxi Black and Blue Style Steak. It is different from a Pittsburgh Black and Blue because instead of grilling it, we use an extremely hot cast iron pan that is so hot that it can’t use oil or butter so we make our Wagyu tallow with the highest smoke point. We generously season our steaks mostly with black pepper and a little artisanal salt. We get a rich, deep char on the outside that makes our steaks even more flavorful.

We are the only restaurant on the gulf coast that only cook our Chargrilled Oysters on a grill using the traditional Drago’s Restaurant method of bringing the flame over the Oyster from underneath and who broils our Charbroiled Oyster such as Oysters Rockefeller using the 170-year-old Antoine’s and Arnaud’s Broiling Method.

Over 60% of our kitchen staff were previously Head Chefs at Casinos and other restaurants.  They work as line cooks for our head chef and the weekly features menus give them a creative outlet and they are allowed and encouraged to bring in extravagant ingredients to make some of the most creative dishes between New Orleans and Pensacola.

119 Rue Magnolia
Biloxi, Mississippi